I use mixed-methods social science research strategies and theories to understand how individuals negotiate for change by leveraging the political system and media channels. My current research projects examine the intersection between collective action, race/ethnicity, policy, media, and the legal system in a variety of ways.

Current Research Projects:

Social Movements/Media/Political Sociology

  • cropped-img_1619.jpgSocial movement actors vie for coveted media attention to advance their causes; yet we know little about what accounts for variance in coverage of protest. Why do some movements receive the lion’s share of coverage while others struggle to get covered at all? Why are some movements covered favorably while others are not? Our research team has tackled these important questions by constructing an original dataset of ~1000 individually coded articles from the New York TimesWashington PostLos Angeles Times, and Wall Street Journal. We examine the causal factors that mediate quality of coverage for the most visible 1960s civil rights organizations.

Social Movements & Tech/New media/Digital realities

  • What shapes how digital technologies are actually made and why? We examine the social forces that determine what technologists build for their users, through analysis of case-studies of “user stories.”
  • The Independent Video Game scene purports to be more inclusive and representative of the diverse gamers and gaming programmers that it attracts. However, as evidenced by the controversy surrounding #gamergate, this inclusive culture has been questioned. My co-author and I are in the process of collecting interview and survey data as well as conducting ethnographic research to examine perceptions and evidence of inclusivity in The Industry.

Social Movements/Immigration/Race & Ethnicity

  • Using original panel-survey data, we explore racialized attitudes toward American Indigenous Peoples in relation to other minority groups. In this paper, we move beyond the traditional hierarchical Black-Latino-white model of contemporary racism by focusing on and incorporating other understudied groups, that have received scant attention across many literatures.