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March 8, 2016 by amber tierney

Banner image photo credits: 

Cesar Chavez: Cesar Chavez media interview in San Jose 1975.

LeGerrette, Carlos. “UFW Volunteer  1966-1978: UFW Photographs.” Farmworker Movement Documentation Project, Presented by the UC San Diego Library.

ANCSA protest: A young Alaska Native looks down to read his protest sign Sept. 10, 1969, as a group of disgruntled people demonstrated outside Sydney Auditorium here as the oil-rich North Slope lands were being leased by the state.

Jensen, Andrew. 10/13/2011.”ANCSA paved way for Alaska Natives, state to prosper together.”Alaska Journal of Commerce.

Walter Cronkite: Walter Cronkite during a live broadcast from Cape Canaveral, Fla., in 1962.

Cronkite, Chip.5/28/12Chip Cronkite Defends Father Walter Cronkite’s Honor in Letter to ‘Newsweek.'” Photo: CBS PHOTO ARCHIVE / GETTY IMAGES

Hawaiian student activists: Native Hawaiian activists protest U.S. military bombing of Kaho’olawe.

Cabennet. 2015. “Kaho’olawe, Hawai’i and Native Activism.” Theirs or Ours? Blog, hosted by Vassar College Course: Anthropology and American Studies 281.

Immigration reform

“Layoffs in LA: American Apparel Takes on Immigration Reform.” M.I.S.S. Blog. accessed:

Russell Means: American Indian Movement (AIM) leader Russell Means and U.S. Assistant Attorney General Kent Frizzell, sign an agreement to end the Native occupation of the historic village of Wounded Knee. South Dakota.

History Channel. “Native American Cultures: Native American Legislation.”

UFW: Filipino United Farm Workers Union (UFW) supporters picket outside of a California Safeway store.

Walter P. Reuther Library at Wayne State University. 1973. “(225) Pickets, Safeway, California, 1973.” Photo: Unknown.

AIM Leaders

Sears, Andrea.10/22/2012. “Russell Means, American Indian Movement activist, has died at the age of 72.”WBAI-FM, Pacifica Radio in New York City.

Boycott Gallo Wines

Michigan State Universities Library Non-Book Materials. “United Farm Workers of America. Boycott Gallo Wine! Keene,CA: UFW. 196?.”

John Trudell NYT Obit: John Trudell in 1971 after a band of American Indians occupied a remote former Nike site near Richmond, Calif. (Richard Drew)

A.P. 12/9/2015. “John Trudell, American Indian activist who became poet and actor, dies at 69.”A.P.

Hawaii Sovereignty Movement: Big Island resident Kalae Kauwe is draped in Hawaiian flags as hula halau dance near the Mauna Kea visitors center.

Marciel,Keokani. 4/15/2015. “News Media Misses Real Story in Reporting on TMT Protest.” Honolulu Civil Beat.

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